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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows  clients to process their emotions, thoughts, feelings  and problem solve ways to decrease anxiety, reduce depressive symptoms, and enhance relationships in family, social and work environment.


I am a graduate of Boston College master's in clinical social work, my undergraduate degree is with the University of Southern Maine, a major in psychology, minor in biology.  I have worked in the medical field as a nurse prior to my graduate degree and my clients find this useful when need arises for education and /or providing motivation for people with chronic illness. I work part time at Maine Medical Center emergency room acute psychiatry department to keep abreast of community needs.  I am also a Sweetser Affiliate. 



Appointments scheduled  Tuesday  through Friday 9am-5pm.  Appointments on an individual basis after hours and on Saturday morning.

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ACHIEVING self awareness

Finding acceptance and permission


In counseling services you will find support and acceptance at the place you are in. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is allowing you space to communicate your thoughts out loud and process how they effect your life.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


With a counselor experienced in cognitive behavioral therapy you will be challenged on negative, hurtful thoughts that interfere in your family, social and work relationships.


People who I see  are seeking counseling for many different reasons and are of many different ages. They are seeking support and a safe, confidential space, They  seek education and problem solving and a reduction in their symptoms of anxiety and depression. They are processing loss and grief.  


About  Services

In counseling services you will find a safe setting and time to process  your thoughts, emotions, your relationships and their effect on your life. What you feel and think effects your response, behavior and reaction to others and the way you treat yourself. Cognitive behavioral therapy is about talking about these three subjects in a way that processes and redefines how you may view things, it allows for problem solving and decision making on steps to reduce your symptoms. It allows for simple conversation of things that cannot be changed, allows for grieving what cannot be undone.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an action-oriented form of psychosocial therapy that assumes that maladaptive, or faulty, thinking patterns cause maladaptive behavior and "negative" emotions. Maladaptive behavior is behavior that is counter-productive or interferes with everyday living. The treatment focuses on changing an individual's thoughts (cognitive patterns) in order to change his or her behavior and emotional state.




Wendy Ray, LCSW

60 Pineland Drive

New Gloucester, ME




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